Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Entitle - The eBook Subscription Service Formerly Known as eReatah

Remember my post on eReatah? Remember how I thought it was a horrible, horrible name?
eReatah is now called Entitle! It's still kind of a weird name ("entitled" has weird connotations...), but it's so much better than eReatah. As of Monday, they are officially out of beta!

You can visit Entitle here: https://www.entitlebooks.com/

It does not seem that much has changed on the website since its rebranding.
The packages are relatively the same, though I noticed that the top two tiers dropped slightly in price and that Package 1 includes a free 7 day trial:

Package 1: $14.99 (Select 2 books a month - includes free 7 day trial)
Package 2: $21.99 ( Select 3 books a month)
Package 3: $27.99 (Select 4 books a month)

Every book you select (or "rent," as they're calling it) is yours to keep for as long as you keep the Entitle app, even if you cancel your subscription. The app is available on Android devices (Kindle Fire included) and iOS.

The Recommendation Station is still around. There also seems to be a new feature called "If These Books Had a Baby," which is another silly name, but it's probably a fun feature. Or a smutty feature. I'm going to make Jane Eyre get it on with Gatsby.

As Pointed out by Mashable, Entitle is the first subscription service to offer publications from more than one "Big 5 Publisher." Currently, Entitle has Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins titles. The Mashable article hints that there is another Big 5 publisher looking to join Entitle. This really does not surprise me. Publishers really have nothing to lose since this is one of the more "publisher safe" subscription services. At the cheapest, they are still selling eBooks for $6.99 each. So, I'm not changing my mind about this. I still feel that the service "would be most advantageous for someone who is more interested in expensive (read: new) bestselling novels."

Sometime in the future, I hope to take advantage of the free 7 day trial.

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