About Book Puke

Book Puke is the personal blog of Stephanie Sanders.
It contains reviews and information on published, mainstream works in addition to ARCs (Advance Reading Copies) supplied by publishers in exchange for reviews. This blog will also contain detailed accounts of my reading and writing adventures, including literary current events and the progress of my non-existent novel.
Reviews are honest and mainly center on works of fiction.

About Stephanie

I am a technical writer living in Cleveland, Ohio.
In 2012, I acquired a bachelor's degree in English from the Ohio State University. I specialized in creative writing and the form and history of the novel.

I can be found on:


To contact Stephanie with review or editing requests, please send her an email at stephaniesanders@outlook.com.


  1. Do you participate in virtual book tours? I put together virtual book tours for literature (not genre) fiction, and I was so excited to find a blog that celebrates that type of reading! You could do something as big as read the book and interview the author or as small as posting some interesting content that the author and I put together.

  2. Hi Melanie - I haven't participated in a virtual book tour, but I'd be interested in trying!

    1. Hi! I didn't see your response because you didn't hit "reply" under my name, so I never got notified! Can I email you? I have a blog tour emergency! I'm at decadent.page at gmail dot com

  3. I'm worried I have totally lost you. Alas! Write back, for your blog is totally interesting!

    1. Ahh! Sorry. Comment notification emails were going into my junk folder. I'll email you ASAP.