Editor for Hire

Professional independent editor for hire. Quick turnaround - affordable rates.

In addition to reading and blogging, I work as a freelance editor and beta reader. Writing well - transforming ideas into words that resonate - is my passion, and I would love to bring out the best in your work. I understand how cherished your writing is, and I will treat your work with the kindness and honesty it deserves. I am interested in creating an accessible, enjoyable environment in which to discuss your manuscript. I have worked with aspiring writers, traditionally published authors, and independent/self-published novelists.

I have edited full-length novels, user guides, short stories, resumes, and academic writing. I specialize in literary fiction, but all genres and styles will be considered. Most recently, I've been editing contemporary and commercial fiction. I read absolutely everything and stay on top of the trends, so genre barriers are not a problem. Check out my reviews in the "Reviews" tab above or visit my Goodreads profile to get a better sense of my interests.

I have worked as a technical writer and literary magazine editor. My short fiction has been published in various online anthologies. I have a bachelor's degree in English with specializations in creative writing and the form and history of the novel. Visit my LinkedIn for more information on my publication and editing experience.


I was fortunate to have Stephanie's assistance in editing my full-length novel. She offered encouragement, thorough attention to detail and very prompt and professional completion of the project. She pointed out places in the story that worked and places where there were inconsistencies or the dialogue didn't ring true. This was exactly the kind of constructive review I needed to help get my novel to the next level. I highly recommend Stephanie Sanders for any writing project.
- Catherine Pomeroy, novelist

Stephanie’s intensive review of my novel went beyond normal content editing. Her insights into the character’s reactions to certain plot situations helped smooth out the rough edges of the storyline. She documented technical issues and supplied comments on both good and bad aspects of the story. I applied the suggestions to the final draft and was able to whip the novel into shape sooner than expected. I’ll definitely bring my next novel to Stephanie.  
- William Rayst, novelist

What to Expect

Unless asked, I typically do not offer specific "levels" of editing. Your editing experience will include two sections: an overarching "big picture" discussion, and a detailed line edit. The "big picture" overview will highlight the overall strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript. This portion of the edit will center around plot, theme, characters, salability (if you're interested in that sort of thing), and any logistical errors that may have become apparent. Your edit will also include a detailed line edit: I will also go through your manuscript line-by-line, offering word choice, grammar, and punctuation suggestions. At the end of the edit, you will receive a detailed synopsis of my thoughts and general advice, a manuscript complete with the line edit markup (most likely done in Microsoft Word with the "Track Changes" option), and at least one very enthusiastic/enamored fan (me).

If you're publishing soon or have preview pages available, I can review your book on this blog and other websites (Goodreads, Amazon, etc.).

Of course, if you have specific requirements or ideas for editing, we can work together to create a customized plan.

Unless you are local, we will most likely communicate through email, text messages, phone calls, Facebook, Skype, or whatever strange digital method you prefer (Kik? I'd like to discuss an edit through Snapchat. Accept this selfie as a fleeting token of my joy).

I accept various forms of payment including Paypal and personal checks.

Contact Me

I am interested in manuscripts of any length. Please email Stephanie at stephaniesanders@outlook.com to discuss an editing plan.


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